Work machinery medical test

On the training and testing of operators of self-propelled lifting and handling equipment for the road transport sector

Medical fitness and certification

"aptitude test" for becoming a machine operator

The occupational medical fitness test is the one required by Annex NM 4 of Decree 33/1998 NM for "Occupations and activities involving a high risk of accidents". As a result of the examination, the operator is entitled to operate machinery in accordance with his or her NQR qualification, irrespective of the employer for whom he or she is working, depending on his or her age and state of health.

"Occupational Aptitude Test" for occupational health places.

Occupational health "fitness for work test"

The occupational aptitude test provided for in Article 6(1) of Decree 33/1998 NM is a condition for the occupation of the given post. In all cases, it is the responsibility and expense of the employer to "send" the applicant for this examination. For example: a warehouse worker is sent for this test by his own employee. Medical fitness for the job is valid only for the employer concerned.

Certain health services available for a fee